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Our group seeks highly motivated candidates for Ph.D positions, with strong background in Mathematics, Physics and Solid Mechanics.

PhD position in Research Grant funded by: US Air Force – Air Force Research Laboratory Air Force Office of Scientific Research

PhD Research:
High-speed fragmentation and spall fracture: experiments and modelling

University Carlos III of Madrid

Dr. José A. Rodríguez-Martínez
Dr. Juan C. Nieto-Fuentes

The application period closes in July 2021

The PhD starts in September 2021

More information about the position available here: Advertisement_PhD_UC3M_AFRL.pdf

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The purpose of THEORE3M is to identify the mechanisms which control localization and fracture in ductile heterogeneous materials subjected to high strain rates. We will carry out the micro- and macro-mechanical characterization of different metal-matrix composites that will be modelled with different multiscale approaches. Multiscale constitutive models will be implemented in finite element codes to simulate various dynamic fracture experiments that will be specifically designed and performed in THEORE3M. Namely, we will carry out: (1) plate-impact experiments, (2) dynamic shear fracture tests and (3) ring expansion fragmentation experiments. This research effort will integrate the unique capabilities of the USAF through its Air Force Research Laboratory, Materials and Manufacturing Directorate (AFRL/RX), the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, and the Universidad Carlos III of Madrid, to couple experimental and computational resources to address this critical need.

Research outputs
Novel experimental techniques to perform dynamic fragmentation and spall fracture experiments.
Development of multiscale finite element models to obtain insights into the mechanisms which control dynamic fracture of heterogeneous materials.

The recruited researcher will have access to the unique facilities of the Impact Laboratory of the Department of Continuum Mechanics of the University Carlos III of Madrid, with all the equipment required to perform plate-impact tests and fragmentation experiments: gas guns to launch strikers at velocities as high as 800 m/s, two high speed cameras with filming rate up to 2.1 Mfps to record the tests, 1 photon doppler velocimetry system and 1 oscilloscope with a sampling rate of 20 Gs/s. In addition, the recruited researcher will have access to all the computational resources of the Nonlinear Solid Mechanics group, including licenses of ABAQUS, Matlab and Mathematica, and several workstations.

Multidisciplinary / international research approach
The recruited researcher will become familiar with various experimental techniques and modelling approaches, and she/he will gain specific experience and know-how in the dynamic fracture of engineering materials with aerospace and defense applications. Moreover, the research will be conducted in collaboration with the Air Force Research Laboratory, Materials and Manufacturing Directorate, and the Dynamic Fracture Laboratory of the Israel Institute of Technology, so that the recruited researcher will be exposed to an international environment, helping her/him to develop connections in prestigious research centers and universities.

Training activities
The successful candidate will have access to the PhD program of the University Carlos III of Madrid as well as to the training activities organized by the Nonlinear Solid Mechanics group. These activities include, among others:
Attendance to prestigious international conferences on Solid Mechanics.
Attendance to technical courses on materials science and continuum mechanics organized by different prestigious institutions, e.g. the International Center of Mechanical Sciences (

We are looking for highly motivated European and/or North-American early-stage researchers with the following profile:
• Hands-on mentality, good organizational and communication skills.
• Proactive attitude and ability to work both independently/autonomously and within a team.
• Good communication skills in English.
• Willingness to travel.

Required educational level

  • Degree: Master degree or equivalent
  • Degree field: Engineering: civil, mechanical, aerospace

Career stage
Early stage researcher or 0-4 years (Post graduate)

Professional and/or research experience
We will particularly consider those candidates with proven experience in technological and/or research activities. Publication/s in journals indexed in the Journal of Citation Reports will be especially welcomed.

Letter of motivation
The candidates must provide a letter of motivation where they clearly state why, under their point of view, they should be enrolled in THEORE3M.

At least one recommendation letter from the scientist/s who mentored the candidate during her/his master studies is required. The letter must clearly expose the profile of the candidate with emphasis in the qualities which make her/him suitable for being recruited in THEORE3M. Additional recommendation letters from any other professor/professional will be most welcomed.

Specific qualifications
Candidates should have a solid background in Continuum Mechanics, Experimental Mechanics, Dynamic Behavior of Materials, Mathematics and Programming.

Flexible working conditions
We are committed to provide flexible hours and home working conditions for researchers having family obligations. The following web-site contains relevant information related to the EU equal opportunities policy Moreover, the web-site facilitates geographic mobility by providing help to find a job for an
accompanying partner.

Dr. José A. Rodríguez-Martínez
Department of Continuum Mechanics and Structural Analysis. University Carlos III of Madrid
Avenida de la Universidad 30. CP 28911. Leganés (Madrid), Spain.
E-mail address:
Phone number +34 91 624 9904

Dr. Juan C. Nieto-Fuentes
Department of Continuum Mechanics and Structural Analysis. University Carlos III of Madrid
Avenida de la Universidad 30. CP 28911. Leganés (Madrid), Spain.
E-mail address:
Phone number +34 91 624 9588

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